Kallio Terveys pricing plan

Pricing from 1 January 2024 onwards.

The VAT on the prices is 0%, as healthcare services are exempted from value added tax.

There are no separate outpatient clinic or Kanta fees at Kallio Terveys.

Terms of invoicing, booking, and cancelling are described in the general terms of Kallio Terveys.

PrEP appointments

working days, weekends, and public holidays*
Remote appointment for PrEP (first visit, control visits)99 €
One-month PrEP control after the first visit0 €

As prophylactic non-occupational healthcare is not covered by Kela, PrEP visits at Kallio Terveys are not reimbursed by Kela.

Pricing for PrEP appointments is not based on the length of the appointment. You find a description of the PrEP visits at Kallio Terveys here.

In PrEP appointments, contacts only made for test results (messages or telephone calls) are free. Referrals to the public sector (e.g., to treat an STI or for the continuation of PrEP) are free.

The fees cover the contacts related to the PrEP treatment after the control visit for a maximum of 3–6 months, depending on the PrEP treatment plan chosen. Subsequent contact needs and the need for interpreting new control laboratory test results require booking a new remote appointment. If the customer does not book this appointment, they will be billed for the time spent on contacts related to their treatment according to time-based pricing (see below).

The appointment fee does not include PrEP medication costs or laboratory tests. Kallio Terveys does not have a laboratory service of its own; customers may use the lab service provider of their choice.

Time-based appointments (non-PrEP-related reasons for appointments)

working daysSaturdaysSundays and public holidays*
max. 20 min99 €120 €160 €
max. 30 min120 €150 €220 €
max. 45 min155 €190 €275 €
max. 60 min180 €225 €330 €

For time-based appointments, the Kela reimbursement is 25 euros / remote appointment. Kallio Terveys does not have a direct reimbursement contract with Kela: customers may file for the reimbursement by themselves. The instructions for this are sent with the bill.

The fee for the visit comprises the doctor’s time spent on the remote appointment, writing the patient records, as well as time spent on possible telephone calls or writing doctor’s certificates.

* Public holidays in Finland that are or may be midweek holidays: New Year’s Day (”uudenvuodenpäivä”, 1 January), Epiphany (”loppiainen”, 6 January), Good Friday (”pitkäperjantai”), Easter Monday (”2. pääsiäispäivä”), May Day (”vappu”, 1 May), Ascension Day (”helatorstai”), Midsummer Eve (”juhannusaatto”), Independence Day (”itsenäisyyspäivä”, 6 December), Christmas Eve (”jouluaatto”, 24 December), Christmas Day (”joulupäivä”, 25 December), Boxing Day (”tapaninpäivä”, 26 December).