Kallio Terveys and remote PrEP appointments – service description

First visit and related issues

Fee: 99 €

Book an appointment that suits you on the website. Before the appointment, you will receive an email with a link for logging on to the remote communication service. You will be inquired for comprehensive background information on the remote communication service. This is to investigate your state of health, your risk of acquiring an HIV infection, and factors affecting your treatment.

During your video appointment, you will meet a doctor with whom you will review your background information and evaluate what kind of strategy would be best for you to prevent HIV infection. You will get information about PrEP, its purpose, factors related to its use, and reasons that can prevent you from using PrEP. You will also get information on possible side effects of PrEP.

Should PrEP be the best option for you, you will receive a referral and instructions for laboratory tests by mail. In the same letter, there is also a referral to the control tests for the first month. You will receive an invoice for the contents of the initial visit (99€).

You will take laboratory tests in a laboratory of your choice that serves private patients. Typical tests to be examined are STI tests (HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B and C), and creatinine (”kidney function test”).

The lab results will be reviewed with you when they arrive. Should something come up, it will be taken care of without additional charge from the doctor. If your kidney function is alright, and there is no reason to suspect HIV infection, you will receive a PrEP prescription for 2 x 30 tablets.

One-month PrEP control and related issues

Fee: 0 € (included in the first visit fee)

The first control appointment is scheduled a little over a month after you have started using PrEP. Take the first month’s control tests four weeks after the onset of PrEP use (HIV test; price from approx. 25€ in laboratories serving private patients). You will discuss with the doctor, how it has gone with PrEP and the further treatment plan is planned. If your HIV status is negative, you receive a PrEP prescription of 30 tablets.

Subsequent control visits and related issues

Fee: 99 € per control visit

Control appointments for continuous PrEP use are every three months. For on-demand PrEP (event-driven PrEP), the control appointments take place before the previous prescription is going to run out, or at least every six months. Laboratory check-ups are at least every three months, and their content depends on the PrEP scheme and other factors. For control appointments and PrEP-related follow-up contacts between them, 99€ per remote control visit is charged. If there’s no contraindications, PrEP is prescribed for 3 x 30 tablets.

When does the care relationship of PrEP visits end at Kallio Terveys?

You may end your remote visits for PrEP whenever you want: you may no longer need PrEP, or your PrEP scheme will continue elsewhere.

The care relationship will be terminated if the PrEP follow-up is not fulfilled or the unpaid bill from the previous visit has gone to debt collection.